Foodbank Manager fasts to raise vital funds for Hull Foodbank 

26th January 2017

From 1st-3rd February, Hull Foodbank Manager Sarah Sidwell, will go without any food for three days – the amount of time a typical foodbank parcel lasts – to raise vital funds for Hull Foodbank.


Sarah’s sponsored fast will raise funds to furnish the new foodbank warehouse and provide additional training for volunteers, so the foodbank can continue providing the best possible support to local people who have been hit by a crisis.


Anyone can find themselves in need of a foodbank after being hit by something unavoidable, such as illness or an unexpected bill, leaves someone unable to afford food, and the role played by the foodbank in Hull is a crucial one. In 2015-16, Hull Foodbank provided 4968 three days emergency food supplies to local people in crisis, 1271 of which went to children.


Sarah Sidwell said,


‘I’ve been managing Hull Foodbank for nearly 6 years, and every moment I spend here reminds me that the foodbank really is run by the community, for the community. It’s not just about providing emergency food, it’s about providing somewhere safe and friendly to sit and chat over a cup of tea –it’s only with the community’s donations of time, as well as food, that we can keep being a lifeline when people need us.


That’s why I’d love to have your support this February, as I go without food for the length of time one of our foodbank parcels typically lasts. All funds raised will ensure that our volunteers have the best training and the warehouse can store the food people generously give – anything you can donate will make a real difference as we work together to tackle hunger in Hull.”


Sarah’s sponsorship page can be found at:




Sarah Sidwell, Hull Foodbank Manager: , 07462304232.

About Hull Foodbank:

  • Hull Foodbank provides three days’ worth of emergency food to local people in crisis. Everyone who comes to the foodbank is referred by a frontline agency or professional, such as a Citizens’ Advice worker, health visitor or children’s centre.
  • In 2015-16, the foodbank provided 4968 three day emergency food supplies to local people in crisis. 1271 of these went to children.
  • The foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network.
  • Find out more at

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